Hello, we're Callie, Brenna, and Kenzie. 


And we're weird.....

                                                  I feel like I should explain this picture some?

It was raining.

But we wanted to go outside.

So we made trash bag suits.

I wish I could say this only happened once. 


I guess you could say it all began in first grade for Callie (left) and Brenna (center). Under the big oak tree on the playground. Kenzie (right), younger sister of Callie, was graciously accepted into the friendship and the three found solace in the mutual oddity of the others. From dumpster diving in recycling bins for nothing in particular, riding bikes to the local Dairy Queen and calling to complain later when they wronged us, to many, many failed business ventures.

You see, we don't want to work for The Man. You know who we mean. Real life jobs are not cutting it for us, so we've explored many alternative options including collecting frogs from the neighborhood creek and trying to sell them on our corner, the farmer's market business, Etsy selling, wedding and event rentals, and a few more that got us into some trouble (taking golf balls from the golf course in our friend's neighborhood and trying to sell them at garage sales we had).

Since these didn't exactly pan out, we're trying our hand at blogging. So, please enjoy our stories, opinions, knowledge (or lack thereof) and adventures. We certainly enjoy them.

Point is, we don't know what we're doing. And hopefully, that's okay.