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10 Things I do that make me feel like somewhat of an adult.

10 Things I do that make me feel like somewhat of an adult.

Written by: Brenna 

Sometimes I get in these little ruts where I'm like, "OMG MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES" and I feel like I don't have my you-know-what together or whatever because I constantly feel like I'm behind on all things grown up... So I decided to sit down and make a list of things I do pretty well that I believe qualify as "Adulting"... Maybe you're feeling the same way right now and all I can hope is that this little baby list of grown up things makes you feel like you've got your life together too. 

Here we go!

1. Keep a paper agenda- I actually keep two, one that stays on my desk so I can glance at it quickly and one that I carry with me everywhere. Sure, I remember half of the stuff I'm supposed to be doing on a day to day basis but it is seriously so nice to see my entire month laid out in front of me so I can have a better grasp on when things are coming up, when payments are due and ultimately so I have a better grip on managing my time. I don't know how people go digital with their calendars! For me, I'll just kick it old school with my cute little target planner

2. Have a morning routine- Seriously, this is probably so lame but honestly if something throws off my routine in the morning, my whole day turns in to a tornado. Now I'm not saying you need to wake up at 5, cook a giant breakfast, iron all your clothes and do all these elaborate things before you hurry off to work... I'm just saying, figure out what works for you, stick to that and I promise your day will turn out to be a lot smoother. This is my routine: Wake up by 6:15, grab a water bottle, turn on the 104.1 KRBE app, wet my beauty blenders, put my makeup on and PLAN my outfit in my head, then do my hair, get dressed, pack a bag for the gym, grab a breakfast bar and I'm out the door by 7:15. On my way to work I stop and grab a Diet Coke from somewhere because that's my life juice okay. See! Nothing spectacular or over the top, I just do everything in that order and it works for me. 

3. Set up automatic bill pay- Okay, this one pretty much speaks for its self... I think this is one of the best things ever created because HELLO it's one less thing you have to remember to pay on time! If you're on the fence about signing up and you're someone who constantly is paying late fees, maybe this is your sign! 

4. Donate the things you aren't using anymore- Okay, this is also one of those satisfying things because 1. you're giving back to the community and 2. you're de-cluttering your life. Who doesn't love the feeling of that?! If you have clothes that you haven't worn in months, sister, it's time to pull out a trash bag and get to sorting! Or maybe you need some extra cash and you have no clue how you're going to make that?? Hellurrr, download Poshmark and sell some of those designer things you are never going to wear again. I did recently and let me tell you, IT PAYS. 

5. Make time for your self- Lets be real, post grad life is lame and your days of taking naps at the most random hours are long gone... Working 8-5 is no joke and some days I feel like my twenties are slipping away as I sit behind a computer instead of running out into the world and chasing all my wildest dreams... Lets be real, I'd need like a million dollars for that and last I checked, I don't have a money tree growing in my backyard... So instead, I make time for my self in the evenings to work on me! Personally, that time is spent inside Orangetheory Fitness because 1. I love working out, 2. I'm completely disconnected from my phone and 3. I am completely focused on my breathing so I don't die. There's plenty of other reasons why I go there in the evenings and if you're interested then leave a comment and I'll give you the low down.  Regardless, do something for you! It could be getting a pedicure once a month or splurging on a cute top (or 5) from Target... Whatever it may be, honey TREAT YO SELF. 

6. Buy some dang succulents - Alright, honestly this could easily be the easiest thing you could do to be #adulting. For real though, because once you learn a little bit about keeping them alive, you’ll want to start propagating and then all of the sudden you’ve got succulents everywhere, including your office. No shame in my succulent game. I mean also they are so pretty and honestly it doesn’t take much to keep them alive. It boils down to this: Keep plants you only water every other week alive and you’ll be on the fast track to winging adulthood like we are in no time.

7. Get involved- I'm huge on volunteering because I love my community and feel the need to give back as much as I can. Giving back doesn't have to be something that requires money by any means either! I currently am a member of The Woodlands Junior League and a lifetime member of the Montgomery County Fair Association. Giving my time and sometimes money back to the community is seriously so fulfilling for me and I like to think the things we are improving today will create a better community for my kids one day. Do it for the kids! 

8. Organize your drawers- I feel like getting organized and donating your things can go hand in hand. So if you're doing one thing on this list and it happens to be getting organized, pull stuff that can be donated and BOOM you're one step closer to having a grasp on this whole adulting thing. Okay and maybe you need a lot of help getting organized because you don't know where to start or what goes where so let me tell you- hit up Pinterest and YouTube! Seriously though, I like to think I'm a very organized person and I still find stuff all the time that I'm like woah, why didn't I ever think of that. Plus getting organized makes me feel like I have a better hold on my life and all my belongings. 

9. Keep an on-going to do list- I LOVE TO-DO LISTS. Like so much. I mean honestly, I make lists for everything and it's a fool proof way to not forget things! Really though, jot stuff down no matter how big or small it is! You've got enough going on as it is and trying to remember every single little thing you need to do can be so overwhelming. Trust me, I've tried. 

10. Unsubscribe from junk mail- Sign up for and you'll seriously be so shocked at how many things you are subscribed to. Doing this gives you the opportunity to keep your inbox from being super cluttered and you save your self the risk from skipping over important emails.

There you have it! Sure these may seem lame and boring but honestly, it sure makes me feel like I have my life somewhat together and I'm holding on to that for dear life. Lets be real though, I'm winging the rest. 

That's enough rambling for now.

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