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Let's Talk About...TAXES

Let's Talk About...TAXES

Written by: Callie

It's that time of year again, tax season! And I bet everyone's freaking out. Don't worry, I did too because this year was my last year being at home. Which meant I had to actually listen to my dad when he filled out the paperwork this time so I could remember it for the rest of my life. 

A real life photo of me doing my taxes this year.

A real life photo of me doing my taxes this year.

So here are my experiences with two forms of completing taxes.

The first thing to do is: DON'T STRESS. Honestly, it's really not that big of a deal. Somehow "doing your taxes" has gotten to be as bad as going to the dentist. You know you should and you know you'll have to eventually but you're also damn well going to put it off as long as possible! (P.S. Remind me I need to make a dentist appointment.)

There are two very common ways to file your taxes and both are pretty simple once you actually sit down and commit to getting it all sent out. 

Snail Mail


First there is writing in ink on a sheet of paper and mailing it in an envelope with a stamp to the IRS. Old school, I know, but my dad and I like to be old fashioned so this is how we sent mine in. And because we're extra and wanted to pretend we were in a time before printers, we went to the public library and grabbed the 1040 EZ form along with the booklet that details how to complete the form. 

Next up, obtain your W-2. All good employers should have this sent to you in January, but sometimes you have to ask for it...

Then you just start filling out the form. It's pretty self-explanatory. It essentially tells you what numbers go in what box. And then to add certain lines together to put in another box. When you're not sure what a box is asking you for you can just turn to the booklet and it explains each box and the information that they are wanting in it! 

So there you go, easy snail mail version. 

On the Computer


If you're like most people that live in the 21st century you're going to file your taxes online. There are lots of websites that offer this and some even offer it for free if you file before a certain date. 

My fiance, Jason, did not file before this certain date and ended up having to pay (I think it was like $60) to file online. So that is a downside of it, but Jason was dubious of my "Yes, I am 100% certain that a public library will have all the forms we need" so we did his taxes online.

The process was a little longer than I thought it would be but it was easy. It was similar to filling out the paper form but with no math. The website just asks you for certain numbers from your W-2, asks questions about your life to calculate the tax deductions that are applicable for you, and then does it all for you!


And there you have it, really, it's not that bad at all. April 17th is coming quick so don't procrastinate any longer, relax, and get that shit done! 

How did you file your taxes this year?

Now for all you people that own your own business and have to do your taxes, I'm sorry, I've heard it's a pain. I'll probably be in the same boat at this time next year so I'll keep you updated. If you have any tips or tricks to make it suck less be sure to let me know!

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