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5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Written by: Kenzie

I’m going to be completely honest with y’all, it was my time to write a blog and I was supposed to write one on the London trip and I completely ran out of time. So I’m going in a different direction and wanted to share 5 things that are currently making me happy. Sometimes I have these spells when I’m just kinda down or not as positive as I am at other times. These things happen and pass but I always try to remember how lucky I am to be alive - sounds cheesy but it’s true. So, these are things that remind me of why life is good and are currently making me happy.

  1. My friends and family.

    Cliche, I know, but it’s the absolute truth. I have been blessed to be brought up in such an amazing family. My parents and sister are constantly bringing me up when I’m down and I feel so lucky to have them. Then there’s the people I actually chose to have around - mostly Brenna (duh), Claire (my best pal), and Bradley (my love and support). They are always making me laugh and look at things in a new or different way and I am so grateful for their company and advice.

  2. Being outside.

    Part of this is that I feel closest to God when I’m looking at something that is absolutely stunning in nature. Another thing is that fresh air just makes me feel good. It wakes me up, but also makes me more relaxed. I love a good flower or even a really dope rock. It doesn’t take much to impress me because when you break it down, nature is so darn cool. I mean, stars?? Are you kidding me?? Don’t even get me started on stars.

  3. A good show or movie.

    Currently, that’s Game of Thrones. I’m not spoiling anything, don’t you worry, but I hardly even breathed in that last episode. Anyway, a good drama, especially a period piece, let’s me forget about everything else for a bit and just immerse myself into another world. And Game of Thrones has it all, and it’s visually stunning. Definitely worth the hype.

  4. Having plans to look forward to.

    Recently, all of my weekends have been filled and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes they’re weekend trips to a nearby city or beach, and sometimes they’re just filled with plans with friends or working on projects. This weekend, I’m really looking forward to a concert with Brad down in Houston. No matter what, it’s fun to get hype about something in the future.

  5. Music.

    Music has always been a big thing for me. I love finding new artists and jamming to old favorites. Currently, Jon Bellion’s song “Stupid Deep” makes me feel some type of way and I love to blast some “Winnebago” by Gryffin, Quin XCII, and Daniel Wilson. Just find some good tunes to lose yourself in and scream at the top of your lungs. (Also, curated Spotify playlists coming soon by your’s truly.)

Thanks for listening to me ramble for a bit. Here’s to hoping that some of these things make you happy too!

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