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The Best Terrarium is Any Terrarium

The Best Terrarium is Any Terrarium

Written by: Kenzie

There is something absolutely magical to me about bringing the outdoors in (or vice versa for that matter). House plants? Love them. Dining al fresco with furniture that should be inside? Love it. Just a random vintage couch in the woods? The best.

Another thing that’s magical to me is fairies. Duh, right? I get that they’re not real (sigh) but ever since I was little, I’ve loved to imagine that they are real. And that there are little, beautiful creatures living in the garden, taking care of the flowers and using lightning bugs as lamps at night. This whole fairy house trend that’s come up makes me smile because it means there are other people that like to pretend they’re real, too.

Bringing the outdoors in and also pretending fairies exist means that terrariums are right up my alley! A terrarium is an enclosed, glass vessel used for growing small plants. These are magical in their own right, but they also combine two of my favorite everyday magics - bringing the outdoors in and pretending fairies are real. There are many ways to make a terrarium and any way you do it, I support you and I’m sure it will end up just as magical as any other, but I thought I’d break it down in some easy to follow steps for those that are terrarium novices.

  1. Choose a vessel.

    This can be pretty much any clear, glass container. It helps with the magic (and condensation watering) if it has a lid, but I’m going to tell you it isn’t absolutely necessary. Lots of times it’s difficult to find a really neat container that also has a lid, so just use what you have on hand or come across when out and about. Choose a size that best fits the plants you have on hand while still giving them space to grow just a bit.

  2. Cover bottom with rocks/pebbles/mulch.

    I like to use big river stones at the bottom. This layer, whatever you choose, helps with drainage and to prevent over-watering. It’s also very pretty to use colored pebbles or sea glass if you have enough to spare. I also like to add a thin layer of moss before the next step for a little punch of color.


3. Fill with dirt.

Any potting soil will do! Make sure there’s room for the roots.

4. Plant some things.

Choose plants that stay the size of the container they’re in without getting wilt-y. Succulents do nicely as well as many house plants. A variety of heights and sizes looks best and I love any kind of vine or climbing plant!

5. Add the finishing touched.

This part is the most fun for me! These are the accouterments and little treasures and trinkets that can really elevate the level of magic in your terrarium. My only tip here is to use things that won’t decay in the moisture and dirt. Metal, glass, ceramic, and stone items work best. I especially love adding small forest animals or even a little fairy house. Now is also the time to add any final natural touches like bits of moss and lichen or pretty rocks. I’m not quite sure if there’s such as thing as too much. If there is, I haven’t found it yet, but remember, whatever looks best to you, do it!

And you’re done! Place your terrarium inside (duh, for the magic) near a window and water/mist regularly. When in doubt, stick your finger in the soil to check that it’s moist. checking that the soil stays moist. If the glass gets too foggy with condensation and you can’t enjoy your creation, pop the top off and let it air out for a day.

I hope this little project helps bring some magic to your daily life. I think everyone can use a little bit of that.

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