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2019 Goals and Aspirations

2019 Goals and Aspirations

Written by Kenzie, Brenna, and Callie

We’re back! You can’t always expect two a week but on occasion, we’re on top of things. For this post, each of us will be discussing our - you guessed it - goals and aspirations for 2019! Maybe we can inspire some of you and you can inspire us by sharing your resolutions and goals with us! Let’s get to know each other.


Spoiler alert I seriously suck at taking photos so there will be no fun pictures accompanying my section. Like usual. Maybe that should be one of my goals.

So I really do not like making New Year’s Resolutions. I find that most are not well thought out and ultimately abandoned by February. So I haven’t made a “resolution” in a long time. What I do like doing is setting goals. And not just when a new year starts. I have a small list of goals on my desk (it’s small because when there’s too much I get overwhelmed and won’t do anything).

A few of the current goals on my list are reach 500 R&R Insta followers. Like I said in my last post, I know that to many people it’s probably a dumb goal and even to me it’s silly, but I still want to reach that goal. Another is to book 2 more clients with LPC.

But because it’s the new year and this post is all about 2019 I do want to add a few more to this list and see where it takes me! So sometimes I like to add easy goals so that I can check them off quickly and feel good about accomplishing something. So the first goal I’m adding is to paint my shed. When Jason and I moved into our new house there was a “she shed” out back which was well made and finished nicely. I have dreams of turning this space into a studio for photographers to rent out. And the first step toward reaching that goal is to paint it white inside! I’ve been saying I was gong to paint the shed since the week after we moved in but I finally went and picked out a paint color and bought the supplies so now I’m just waiting for it to not be freezing and raining and then I’ll get that painted and ready to open!

And my last goal I want to add to my list at this time is the general goal of “do more”. I’ve lived in Fort Worth for eight months now and I still haven’t been to the Stockyards, arguably the most well known thing about Fort Worth. With not having a job that requires me to go outside my house, I generally don’t. And that needs to change. So the vague goal of do more, whether that’s more walks with Bas, more gardening in the backyard, more exploring, will hopefully get me out of my little world this year.


Every new year, I make resolutions and every new year, I don’t follow through. So I think instead of having specific goals (lose x amount of weight, for example), I’m going to focus more on lifestyle changes that will make me feel more productive, more like a decent human being, and happier.

So, this is going to start with living a healthier lifestyle. My hope, of course is that this will also result in losing weight and getting in shape but instead of focusing on that, I’m going to focus on cooking more which I enjoy and being more active in nature which I also enjoy greatly. This way, it is less of a chore and more of me doing things I like to do.


Additionally, I want to care less about my phone. I’m not one of those people that think technology is the devil. On the contrary, I love technology! I’ve learned so much and seen so many cool things because of the Internet and I’ve been able to connect with people in new ways. However, I want to remain present in real life and oftentimes, I’m on my phone checking Instagram when I could be talking to people I love or working on something creative. I’d like to shift a little more to real life and a little less to virtual life (but I’ll still be on Instagram, love me some Insta.).

Finally, I’d like to pay attention more. I often find myself checking out or moving through life on autopilot and that is no way to live. Sometimes this is a coping mechanism but instead of deflecting, I’m going to try to soak everything in, feel it, and then adjust or work to put myself and those around me in a good place. Just adding a small mental check in to see what’s up that day should help with this. Additionally, journaling of some sort which I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’ll try a few different things until I figure out what works for me and what I can somewhat stick with.

January 1, 2019 brought snow in the desert!

January 1, 2019 brought snow in the desert!

These things seem a little abstract but they make more sense in my head. And I’m hoping that, with practice and trial and error, I’ll be able to follow through. Overall, these steps are to help me get to where I want to be. Spoiler: I still don’t quite know where that is but I’m starting to feel better about the not knowing. 

In addition to these concepts, here’s a very small list of resolutions:

Travel more

read and write more

listen more

try more

I realize now these are slightly abstract too but I guess that’s just who I am this year. Just figuring stuff out.

(Also, I’d like some props because I am currently writing this from a canvas tent in Arizona while bundled up in the blankets because it’s about 30 degrees out there and I have limited signal. Just wanted some credit :))



Brenna’s part today will also be written by Callie

Brenna’s wedding is NEXT WEEKEND y’all! Like it’s almost here and as wedding things generally go, there is quite a few last minute things that have Brenna preoccupied. So I’ll be taking over Brenna’s section for today.

Brenna’s sole goal for 2019 currently is to get married. After that I’m sure she’ll have lots of other awesome goals but for now, making it through this wedding and then jetting off to her honeymoon are the main goals!

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