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6 Fun (and cheap) Activities for Spring

6 Fun (and cheap) Activities for Spring

Written by: Kenzie

Here in Texas, the weather has been just about perfect - at least to me - for the past few days and it has me so excited for the spring to come. (Not so much for the summer after that, but still. Those couple of weeks of gorgeous weather are pure bliss.) We’re talking sunny (but not blindingly so), 60- to 70-degree weather. You can be in shorts, you can be in pants, with or without a jacket - it doesn’t matter! And that’s what I love.

In honor of this truly glorious weather so far, I’d like to share a few ideas on ways to pass the time outdoors. Oftentimes, while walking into work or from my car to the store, I think to myself, “It is too beautiful of a day to waste it inside.” And then, oftentimes, I waste it inside anyway. Go figure. What can I say? I’m a lazy creature of habit.

So, to help combat this hermit lifestyle, I wanted to round up six easy, quick, and (mostly) cheap ideas to get me - and hopefully you - outside enjoying this weather.

1. Pack a picnic.


Picnics are one of my favorite simple pleasures! It doesn’t matter much what you pack (but I will have a post all about what to pack in a picnic later on), it’s more about the act of spreading a blanket on the plush grass, munching on something tasty, and taking it easy for an hour or two. Keep it simple by setting up in the backyard, or head to a park or greenspace in your city.

2. Plant something.

A flower, an indoor plant, an herb, a vegetable, the possibilities are endless. Start a big garden or keep it together in pots and cute containers. It can be so satisfying to take care of something and watch it grow. To get in the planting mood, visit our Plant Inspo Pinterest board.

3. Hang out.

I’m talking literally. Like hang out in a hammock. Everyone knows about those great Eno ones, but they’re kind of expensive. There are a lot of great alternative options, like this one that’s a more budget friendly option. Now all you need is a couple of trees, a good book, and a clear day to enjoy an afternoon outdoors.


4. Get artsy.

This one is rather vague, but practically free to try. Let me preface it by saying, I am not good at drawing, but I still really enjoy doing it. Get yourself a sketchbook, a pencil, some paints, chalk, whatever, and take to the great outdoors and wait for inspiration to strike. Nothing makes me feel more creative than taking in the marvels, big and small, of nature. You can also grab a camera and express your creativity through photography. Like I said, the possibilities are pretty much endless here, so have fun with it and don’t be self-conscious about your skills.

5. Go on a walk.

Again, this one is also free! Literally just walk outside. Sounds a bit lame, but in this weather, I find it invigorating. Just walk around your neighborhood or find somewhere pretty nearby. You could also turn this into a nature hunt and collect cool things you find along the way - rocks, leaves, butterfly wings. Bonus points if you turn your findings into some kind of artwork.

6. Camp!

This one costs a bit more than the others and also requires more planning, but it can be so much fun! Round up some friends or family, pack the car, and head to a State Park or National Park. For help finding dope campsites, try out To inspire you to give camping a try, I made this mood board that just screams fresh air, campfires, and memories made.

There you have it, folks! I hope this weather makes you as happy as it does me and you use every excuse you can to get outdoors. Share them with us on Instagram using #springtimeroving and let us know how you enjoy this weather in the comments below.

(Pssst. All the photos on this post (except the thumbnail) come from Pexels, which we absolutely love. Check it out for the best photos.)

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