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As the World Rambles On: February Edition

As the World Rambles On: February Edition

Written by: Callie, Kenzie and Brenna

We definitely felt the love in February. Not just on Valentines! Prayers were answered and things are starting to look up around here. These first two months of 2019 have FLOWN by!


So Brenna was the one that wrote the intro bit up there for this post and I think she was a bit more enthused about February than I was. Don’t get me wrong, overall it was a good month, but there were some things that pushed back at me a bit.

She was right in saying that this month has FLOWN by. It’s been crazy. Remember our December ATWRO when we talked about our mom having health issues? Well her surgery was a few weeks ago and everything seems to have went as well as we could have hoped! So thank you to all of you that prayed for her, she’s doing well and has a follow up appointment in another few weeks to see where we go from here.

LPC participated in another styled shoot! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there for it but they came and picked up the items and the few sneak peaks I’ve gotten were amazing! It was a Beauty and the Beast styled shoot and I loved picking the perfect pieces to go with the theme! Be checking in with LPC every now and then for more photos, I’ll be posting a full blog post about it over there when I get all the photos back!

Then my friends showered me with a birthday weekend in FW. They all came up here and bought me literally ALL. THE. PRESENTS. Like, holy crap, they should not have done that much! It showed me how much they love and care about me and it was an absolute perfect weekend!

Now the slightly crummy thing. It’s about my job, go figure right. It’s just so not what I thought my “career” would be at 26. Ultimately, it’s a good job for the time being, the work isn’t difficult and is enjoyable for the most part. But there’s not a whole lot of places it could go and I just want something more fulfilling I guess.

But to end it on another good note, Kenzie has informed me that I got my first order for an item I make on our Etsy page! Did you know we have an Etsy? We sell some cool things so if you’re bored check it out! So that was fun and now I’ll have a project to be working on!

March is going to be even crazier than February. Bring it on.



I feel like all of February was go go go for me, but now that I have to write about it, I have no idea what I did! Things at work have been kind of chaotic with a lot of staff changes and me kind of bouncing around to help out where I can, which I don’t mind! I’ve also been working on a couple of other ways to make some extra dough like the Etsy shop which Callie mentioned. I’m aiming to have the re-launch of it done by April 1, so stay tuned!


I’ve also been planting a lot of things in preparation for spring and then of course this crazy Texas weather has to go and freeze again. Hoping my plant babies make it! The garden plot I share with my friend has been cleared and prepped for planting, so we’re just waiting for the threat of freeze to pass before planting veggies which I’m hoping will encourage me to cook more with fresh ingredients.

The strawberry and lemon cake I made for Callie’s birthday. It was delish and adorable and adorned with flowers from the backyard.

The strawberry and lemon cake I made for Callie’s birthday. It was delish and adorable and adorned with flowers from the backyard.

Our Fort Worth weekend to celebrate Callie’s birthday was a blast and a half! I think the city is so cool and my sister is even cooler so it was an all around good time. We hung around their adorable house, played games, shopped a lot, and drove all the way to Dallas for a play only to sit in traffic surrounding the theater for an hour before turning around and going home because there was literally no parking. Still, it was so fun and made me want to visit more which I don’t know why I don’t. Maybe it’s the three and a half hour drive.


Also in February, I tried some new coffee shops (Honey’s Coffee is adorable) and hosts vendor markets which are also adorable), tried out new recipes at work which is always fun, and helped my dad make a hilarious parody video for a safety conference at his work in which he played both a tree-hugging hippie and a forester just trying to do his job. This made me want to get back into making and editing videos and photography. I’m feeling pretty thankful for my mom’s surgery going well and for all my friends and family and am looking forward to being productive but maybe a little less busy in March!


February flew by. Seriously, I blinked. Which is good and bad at the same time. Good because that means I wasn’t as bored as I have been in other months. Bad because I feel like time is just flying by! I’m trying extra hard to soak in all the moments.

Well for starters, I spent the first two weekends babysitting, which is always my favorite. Mainly because kids force you to slow down. The only time they have a sense of urgency is when they need to go potty or if they want a snack. In between that, I ordered a couch from Bartholet Home Furnishings that is absolutely gorgeous and worked on finding more pieces to make our apartment feel more like home. Let me touch on that… If you know me then you know that I’m usually going about 150 miles an hour in four different directions at once. So moving into this apartment and thinking it would all come together super quick was totally a crazy thought. However, slowly but surely, it’s all coming together and as long as JT is happy that’s what matters the most to me. Also, the kitchen is completely put together and organized so that also makes me super happy.

I spent a LONG weekend in Fort Worth visiting and celebrating my people which was MUCH needed. I got to spend the first half exploring DFW with Holly and the second half celebrating Callie’s birthday. Holly and I ate our way through FW and in between that, we went to the most ADORABLE soap shop. They had just opened and we got all kinds of goodies PLUS we watched them make two different soaps. Have you ever seen soap made? It’s seriously so satisfying to watch. We also shopped around in Deep Ellum which is such an interesting and quirky part of Dallas. So if you’ve never been there, you might wanna plan a trip to visit/eat all the things. I went to Callie’s late Friday night because Holly was leaving for Colorado the next morning and we kicked off her birthday weekend by waiting patiently for Kenzie and Brad to roll into town. We stayed up way too late and I learned that I just am not a night owl like I used to be. Anyway, Saturday morning we cooked Callie a HUGE breakfast full of her favorite things and showered her with a TON of gifts afterwards. I don’t know how the gift giving got so out of hand but it did and it was so fun spoiling her. Seriously. I think we just wanted to make sure she felt extra loved because this was her first birthday away from home and from Rick and Laurie. We had bought tickets to see Anastasia that night but that ended up being a complete and utter disaster so we bailed and went home to play games/eat snacks instead. Then on Sunday, we went to this cute breakfast placed called Yolk and went our separate ways. Which is always sad because I hate leaving FW. If it was up to me, I’d move there tomorrow.

If you’re wondering why we can’t just pick up and move to FW it’s because JT is starting FLIGHT SCHOOL in May. WHAT?! I know. I’m so excited. He is closing the door on professional golf and turning it into a hobby instead. It’s been a good ride. We’ve been praying for God to open some doors for us lately and it’s been amazing to see Him do just that. Don’t worry, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve but now isn’t the time.

We wrapped up the month by welcoming my friend Natalie’s baby, Lydon, into the world. JT and I met him on Sunday and I would say he is probably the most precious baby ever. Seriously, he’s a sweet cuddly little nugget and I can’t wait to watch him grow! I love babies but no, it does not mean I want my own just yet. So all of you will just have to keep waiting!

That’s all we’ve got for y’all. March is going to be one busy ass month for us and we can’t wait to fill you in. Same place. Same day. Cheers!

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