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As the World Rambles On: January Edition

As the World Rambles On: January Edition

Written by Callie, Kenzie, & Brenna

It’s the first life update from 2019! One month down, 11 to go. We’ve started the year off pretty well with a wedding, two out of country trips and a new job! What has your January been like?


January feels like it has dragged on forever. But it was a good month, so I guess it’s okay that it’s been a long one.

So first there was Brenna’s wedding! It was an absolutely amazing day! We set up the day before the wedding which is always a huge stress reliever, and it was just like the old days when I worked for that crooked caterer setting up weddings and had to enlist the help of Brenna, Kenzie, and Mom in order to get it all done. Those early days of wedding decorating were actually when we discovered that we were Post Grad Losers and the idea for this blog kind of came out of our time together doing that! So anyway, we were able to knock out the set up quite quickly because we’ve set up quite a few weddings together by this point in time. And with set up done the day before we were able to have a fun time the morning of getting our hair and makeup done and making sure everything was perfect! Which it totally was! Please enjoy some photos of the day here. I won’t include all the photos though so that Brenna and Kenzie will have some to share with you too!

I also participated in another styled shoot this January! It was Valentine’s day themed with lots of reds and burgundy hues. My mom helped me with this shoot since Kenzie was out of the country and Brenna was being an adult and working. It was fun to spend some time with Mom and she seemed to have actually had a good time even though she’s not totally on board with the idea of a styled shoot (“but you’re not getting paid to do all this work??”). Enjoy some photos that I took before the other photographers and models arrived to the shoot. (I’ll be sharing more from this shoot on another blog post!)

I also started a job this month! I know, it actually happened! It’s not a job I would have imagined me taking but it’s been decent so far. And it’s a job, finally, so I’m not complaining.

This month we’ve been really focusing on this blog and our other business ventures which has been really fun and will hopefully pay off in the future! We' have some fun things planned for this year and are excited to share them all with you!


January has been a long and busy month, but I’ve actually enjoyed it! Staying busy has made me feel more motivated and I find myself wanting to sit on the couch less and less which is nice.

As you know, I started this month (and this year) in Arizona with my friend, Claire, which was a super long road trip, but still lots of fun! Then, of course, the talk of the town, Brenna’s wedding! She’s a married lady now which is odd but good. Pretty quickly after the wedding, I left for London.

Now I was supposed to be going on this trip with Brad and meeting Claire after six days, but Brad’s passport didn’t come in on time, so I ended up going on my own until meeting Claire. This was my first time traveling alone and it was quite the experience. A lot of the planning was done last minute and I actually didn’t plan out all of my days, which is a new thing for me, especially when traveling out of the country. This was definitely a learning experience and I’ll be sure to fill y’all in on the details in a later post.

I think I technically got Vinny back on the first day of February, but I’m counting it for January because I’m so excited! He is registered and completely road legal and I’ve been getting comfortable driving the stick shift. He still needs a lot of work and love, but I’m glad to have him back around so I can tinker and work on him whenever.


In the coming months, I hope to put even more into the good ol’ R&R and all my interests (Vinny, reading, writing, and photography). Currently I’m feeling motivated and invigorated and I’m hoping that it lasts!


January was a HUGE month for me. I got married on the 12th at the prettiest venue in front of my nearest and dearest, jetted off to Mexico for a fabulous honeymoon and hit the ground running to get our apartment all situated. So while the last half of this month drug on, I enjoyed it because I had more of a chance to soak in the married life.

I kicked off this month by helping to host my friend Natalie’s baby shower for sweet Lydon. We did a winter/woodland theme and Malory planned the yummiest menu and games! It was so precious and she was definitely showered with all of the cutest clothes and diapers. So now if he could just make his grand entrance that would be GREAT.


I’m going to touch on the wedding day just a little bit today but I need you to know that I’m going to do a bigger and longer post once all of my pictures are back. The wedding went absolutely perfect. I mean seriously. Seth, who owns Hochzeit Hall, let us set up the day before and that saved us a TON of time. I think we set the entire reception hall up in under 3 hours, and that’s quick considering we were preparing for 250 people to show up. We got to the venue around 8 on the day of and seriously relaxed all day. It was everything I hoped it to be, logistically, and then some. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my entire life. I still choke up thinking back to walking down the aisle to JT surrounded by our loved ones.

Speaking of married life, WOAH. Being married is the best. It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every single night. It’s been a little adjustment but it is so worth it. By adjustment I just mean, cooking every single night, being away from my mom, having to do my laundry again and being extra quiet in the morning. Yeah you read that right, my mom/maid “Delores” did my laundry for the last three years and boy did I take that for granted. So thank you #debbiefromdrugcourt! Let it be known that I also sincerely miss mom’s sweet rat dog, Sadie.

Proof that healthy can be yummy.

Proof that healthy can be yummy.

I am dragging my feet just a little on hanging up everything in our apartment. I don’t really know why other than the fact that I’m just really tired. However, we are picking out a couch on Friday and our new bed will be here sometime this week… So I think that will really help it all come together more and I’ll be less apprehensive to start hanging up stuff without regretting it’s placement. I can tell you that there will 100% be an amazing gallery wall focused around a piece of art we were gifted. J.T.’s Nana was an artist and her best friend mailed us an original. I cried. Don’t worry, while we don’t have stuff hung up, every drawer is impeccably organized in true Brenna fashion.

I am officially finished with thank you cards which feels like a huge milestone because I had a LOT to write. So now I can move onto my next project… I’m not really sure what that is yet but I’ll be ready. For now, I’ll be working out, cooking healthy meals and working a little every night to feel more settled in. We have another Transformation Challenge happening at OTF so that is holding me accountable for the time being. I seriously love being a member there and seeing my buddies in the evenings. They make it a blast.

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