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As the World Rambles On: March Edition

As the World Rambles On: March Edition

Written by: Callie, Kenzie and Brenna

Well hello April! You got here way too soon. But March was very good to us. Thanks for being here and catching up with us! We’d love to know what all your March entailed so leave us a comment!


So February kind of held on for a long time this year, but March was here and gone in a flash. I feel like I got nothing accomplished because it was so fast. Looking back on my calendar for the month, I was only at home one weekend out of the five and I’m going to try and make room for more at-home weekends next month!

March started off with a boom with our friend Natalie’s bachelorette party! I won’t bore you with too many details here because I did write a blog about where we went and what we did, but I do want to say that it was a super fun weekend and although slightly stressful (planning a trip that involves people you don’t know that well and want to make happy can be stressful) it was a great way to kick off the month.

The next weekend I had a styled shoot on Friday at One Eleven East, a venue I’ve been dying to visit for a while now! It was an amazing shoot and I’ll be sharing even more about it on my business website so check back over there every now and then to stay up to date and see all the pretty photos that the professionals took! But here’s some that I took that day. I went to Conroe straight from the shoot so I brought Bas with me and he was a perfect little angel and made my work day so much more fun!

The weekend after that my family came up to FW to visit me! My dad had seen a TV show about a tulip farm in Pilot Point, TX during the week and upon looking it up online we learned that RIGHT NOW was the best time to see all the pretty blooms and that they would soon all be gone so they made the semi impromptu 3 hour trip (plus another 1 hour to the actual tulip field) for the weekend. Texas Tulips did not disappoint and we had a great time wandering through the fields and picking our own tulips! While this was a fun trip for us, I would like to warn people that it was extremely crowded. So all those photos you see on Instagram about this place where there’s lots of tulips and lush grass and no one around? They’re Photoshopped. You can’t take a photo without someone in the background and the massive amount of people that trek through the tulips stomped out any grass that may have been growing between the rows. But like I said, it was a fun little day trip!

The next week, I met up with my friend Lindsey so that she could help me shop for new makeup. Natalie’s wedding was just a week away and there was not going to be a hair and makeup artist which meant we were left to our own devices, and my makeup devices were disgustingly lacking. Though it takes a bit of time for us to get to each other, I do love meeting up with Lindsey and chatting for hours! She helped me find some really great new makeup and I got the chance to test it out that weekend for Natalie’s bridal shower!

On the 27th, I participated in a photo shoot for my work. We loaded up lots of the products that we sell and I brought my new vintage chair for props and headed to the next town over. Not a lot of information was known about the shoot location beforehand so when we arrived, we found out that we had to lug all our materials across a large field and down a slope to the waterside, which took a while because we hadn’t thought to bring a wagon or any transporting devices. Here’s some behind the scenes shots I snapped but the photographer showed me some pictures on the back of her camera and they were great so I’m sure all the schlepping of material was well worth it!

And then Thursday after work Jason, our college friend Curtis, and I loaded up our weekend gear and headed out of town to Wimberley for Natalie’s wedding! We picked up our other friend from the airport on our way to our Airbnb house where we met my family. It was a fantastic weekend, where we had even more friends meet up with us (including Rachael from Cambodia) and had a fun filled weekend catching up, exploring the town, and of course, gracing the dance floor with our horribly terrible dance moves on Saturday after Natalie said “I do”. If I can get my act together, I’ll write more about the weekend in another post!

And there you have it. So much more happened this weekend and this may be one of the longest update posts that I’ve ever written! I hope you enjoyed it because I sure enjoyed this last month!



Like Callie, my March began with Natalie’s bachelorette party in Fredricksburg which was a lovely weekend to celebrate Nat before her wedding. The Fort Worth weekend was an absolute blast! The tulips were just a bit of a bust because of the crowds, but I always love visiting and the weather pretty much all this month has been a dream. Which means my friend, Claire, and I finally planted our garden out at Woodbury Community Gardens. I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on the successes and failures of the garden (we are still very much novices).


Brad and I drove Mom down into Houston for an appointment on a Monday and she has been dying to go to the zoo, so we made a stop there before heading home. Let me tell you, go to the Houston Zoo on a Monday, people! There were no crowds whatsoever which meant we had great views at all the exhibits and again, the weather was so nice.


Brad and Dad have recently got very into Geocaching (that’s that thing where you find small hidden objects around town and log it on an app). So that’s been fun exploring all these areas I’ve seen so many times, but never really took much notice of. Also, throughout the month, I have been working quite a bit on good ol’ Vinny (with the help of Dad and Brad as well). Slowly (very slowly) but surely he is improving and hopefully will be able to handle long haul road trips within a year. His first test will be a camping trip to Huntsville State Park at the end of April so keep your fingers crossed, people.


This month ended with a bang with Natalie’s wedding in Driftwood and our weekend spent in Wimberley with all the friends! Nat’s wedding was so much fun and so beautiful. I felt at home on the back porch and surrounded by people I hadn’t seen in a while, but having the best time. This month was busy busy busy yet again but I’m starting to enjoy it and catch up with the speed of things. April seems like it will be just as busy so, bring it on!


Welp, my March wasn’t near as interesting as Callie and Kenzie’s was. It definitely drug on for me. JT and I started off the month by going to the Houston Rodeo to see Turnpike Troubadours with our friends, Brittany and Taylor. We love the troubs so much and it took us down memory lane when we would take long road trips together and blare their music during college. What a time. Mom wound up having an extra ticket to see George Strait at the Rodeo so I went with her and her buddies to see The King. Honestly, that was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. EVER. I love George Strait and I’m thankful I got to spend the day with my mom and her people!

In between Rodeo shows, I got to love on sweet Lydon James. He’s the sweetest and most snuggly baby ever! So naturally, I need y’all to be in on this preciousness! You can definitely understand why I have baby fever!

I went through a funk kind of in the middle of the month and thought I could shake it by going to OTF 5-6 times a week instead of my normal 4. (you know, exercise your demons or something) I’m still not sure if that helped but it did teach me that I won’t die by trying harder. Okay but really, I didn’t walk as much as I thought I would. I’ve got some really good buddies who I workout around and if it wasn’t for their motivation, I would be a heifer. At the end of the month I participated in our semiannual Dri-Tri and beat my last year’s time by two minutes and didn’t throw up as much as I thought I would. Which was my goal. Lame I know but y’all, I absolutely hate running so that 5K at the end really played with my nerves all week.

J.T. and I have been working hard at doing more things together. I think we get stuck in our own bubbles sometimes because we have completely opposite schedules and it was starting to feel like we were more of roommates and less of husband and wife. No one said things would be easy, so I’m not going to always be like, “oh yes, this marriage thing is all rainbows and butterflies and I love doing his laundry”. Let’s be real, I’m gonna give it to you honest. So we talked it out and have been going on little dates and enjoying our time together before he starts flight school and has his nose in a book 24/7.

The Montgomery County fair started last week so I’ve been working shifts for the committees I am on. It’s always fun to do something for an organization that does so much for the youth in our community. It’s also a blast because it’s prime people watching which is my favorite. Also, my sweet flower girl, Brynn was a rodeo clown for the stick horse race and I got to fancy up her shorts! So I guess I can add “Rodeo Clown Costume Designer” to my resume.

Oh I’ve made huge strides on my apartment and I cannot wait to do an apartment reveal towards the end of the month. I would share pics now, but I’ve gotta build up the hype… Plus I don’t have any good pictures. I’ll tell you this, it’s feeling homey as hell. I’ve got a little something else up my sleeve but I can’t tell y’all about it just yet. I’m just too freaking excited to not mention it. Sit tight y’all because it’s BIG. Okay big but not like “we are having a baby” big. That’s not happening until JT at least finishes flight school. (read: two years) #sorrynotsorry

Well guys, that’s about it for us this month. We are all eager to see what April holds and want to know if you’ve got anything special planned! Let us know in the comments below! Oh and as always, we appreciate your support and interest in our lame ass lives.

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