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As the World Rambles On: October Edition

As the World Rambles On: October Edition

Written by Kenzie, Brenna, and Callie

Hello everyone! We’re so excited that you’re here. Like for real, thank you so much for reading our posts and following us, we love our little blog and it would be pointless if there was no one reading it. We hope you love it too. Here’s the October life update you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles to read.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have been in a bit of a funk. You’re probably tired of hearing about it and believe me, I’m tired of feeling it. But, I can feel it starting to lift and I am super hopeful for the coming months!


My most exciting thing to happen in October (besides all the fun stuff Callie mentions) is that I got my VW Van, Vinny, back from the shop! He’d been in for about two months getting all the electrical figured out. Of course, this set me back quite a bit financially, but every time I look in the backyard and see him chilling in the garage, I am absolutely giddy. I’m super excited to be working on him again (next steps include fixing the gas leak and getting him inspected and registered and then mastering the stick shift) and for the many adventures to come.


The end of the year always seems like a busy time and 2018 is no different. I’m looking forward to it, though! Coming up, I have a possible glamping trip, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course, and attempting to write more on one or more of my novels. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I. AM. PUMPED.


It’s funny because I’m usually the last one scrambling to add in my update. For those that know me, it’s no surprise that I wait until the very last minute for most stuff. However, unlike some, my stuff isn’t half assed at the last minute. Don’t ask #debbiefromdrugcourt though, she’ll have another answer.

October came at me like a sucker punch. For real. I don’t think I paused for a minute and when I finally did, BOOM it was November 1. So to recap, we took a trip to Roundtop at the beginning of the month where I got my beloved corn on the cob. I bought other stuff but the main reason we went to Roundtop was for the corn… The cool old quilts, cake stand and blue bottles were just goodies I stumbled on. JT took me to my first LSU game which was so much fun… Considering that I really don’t care for football. He was right, LSU fans are the best and loudest.


I really hit the jackpot when I had TWO blowouts in two weeks which resulted in a new set of tires. Which seriously sucks because who wants to spend $850 on tires when they didn’t budget that? It sure as hell isn’t me. It’s cool though because now I’m back running the roads with tires that wont let me down for at least another 50,000 miles. #discounttirerocks

Aside from the tire fiasco, I got my wedding dress back from the sweet lady who altered it, addressed wedding invites for a family friend, made two trips to Fort Worth to see my besties and started a 6 week program of CLEAN eating. NOTE: I’m not trying to lose weight because the scale doesn’t bug me like it used to, I just want to lean out more and create good cooking/eating habits that will only benefit me in the future. AKA when JT and I are married and can’t have our parents picking up the tab when we go out to dinner anymore. Plus, it’s much more rewarding.

My new favorite dish. See! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

My new favorite dish. See! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

The first weekend I went to FW, I stayed with Holly who happened to be having a couch delivered while she was working. So Callie and I made plans to hangout while she was at work and the couch came earlier than we expected… READ: Callie and I squeezed a couch onto Holly’s elevator like moving pros and got it all set up for her. Working these estate sales has definitely paid off. As if that wasn’t enough for the day, we thought we would walk through what looked like a farmers market… Only to learn that it was an arts festival that ran for EIGHTEEN BLOCKS. Did we walk all 18 blocks? 100% yes, only because we were on a serious hunt for lemonade. The things we will do for food is too much.

This is Callie’s “Why do you make me take risks” face!

This is Callie’s “Why do you make me take risks” face!

The following weekend, I went back to FW for the AJR concert and to help Callie move into her new house… Her and Jason are actual adults now. We mainly cleaned because the movers were coming that Monday and the previous owners didn’t have the house professionally cleaned… It’s seriously so cute and reminds me a lot of their childhood home… Probably because it’s green and super shaded by trees. Either way, I’m obsessed.


Oh, October. Looking back on my calendar it was a busy month! We started it out with our annual trip to Roundtop. For those of you that aren’t into old stuff, Roundtop is a MASSIVE antique/flea market spread across multiple towns. As always, it was supremely hot and yet, we still braved it. I actually found something to buy this time (which doesn’t happen often). And of course we got roasted corn and lemonade. The only two reasons I walk around any festival.


Then Kenzie and I set up some more rental items for a photographer’s Christmas mini session which was fun. I’m really hoping to get more into the styled shoot game and this meant one step closer to getting our name and items out there!


Next up, Jason and I closed on our house! Like real adult shit. It’s so crazy that we now own the house we live in. Luckily, my family and Brenna already had plans to come to FW the weekend after we closed so we could go to a concert in Dallas, so that worked out real nice and everyone was able to see the new house. And because my parents are awesome and I love them so much, they took off work an extra two days and helped me unpack EVERYTHING so we were completely settled into our house in less than two days. So thanks for that guys! (Because I know you’re reading this).

Other October highlights: Brenna and I stumbled on the ArtsGoogle festival and I walked the whole entire thing with way too many people because I was on a mission to find lemonade and we did halfway through and it was the best lemonade ever! I had an interview that I think went real well so fingers crossed that job comes through for me. Because I’m an adult now with a house and could really use the income. My side business is still struggling along. Not too many clients but I like the ones I have and still have plans to grow the business as a whole.

November is going to be a busy month. Glancing at the month ahead I’ll be back in Conroe quite a bit which should be fun, just a lot of driving! And it’s Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday!

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