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8 Beach Essentials

8 Beach Essentials

Written by Callie

Spoiler alert: this is not your typical girly-things-all-girls-need-with-them-at-the-beach-to-be-a-typical-beach-girl list (wow, that was hard to type). This is my legitimate list of things that I NEED for every beach trip I go on. And honestly these are, what I believe, to be the fundamental building blocks of any great beach vacation.


Now some people may take this as a given. And maybe it should be, but I just want to remind you again, that sunscreen is necessary! Especially when you are going to the hottest of hot Texas beaches and you're as pale as Casper. No one wants to go out to dinner after a day at the beach being beet red. It's not a good look. 

P.S. Reapplication is a real thing and should be done every few hours!

Puppy Chow

Behind sunscreen, this is the most important thing you need on your beach vacation. If you've never had Puppy Chow in your life I feel sorry for you. If you have tasted this magnificent treat but have never spoiled yourself by eating it as a snack at your beach house when you get in from a full day of sun and surf and consequently completely ruining your dinner, then my friend, you have not truly lived yet. Seriously, this is NEEDED. Just take my word for it.

Kaileb Crackers

The more universally accepted name for these are Fire Crackers according to Pinterest. But my family calls them Kaileb Crackers because in high school one of our friends (can you guess his name??) made these addictive crackers and sold them to kids at school. He eventually got busted because selling anything on school property was a no-no, but there was such a demand for these things that he had to start a black market. Anyway, they're spicy and great and an essential for road trips and beach vacays.


You may be thinking, "Callie, you just told us we needed these so called Kaileb Crackers. Do we seriously need another carb filled snack on this trip?" And the answer to that is YES! Goldfish are the staple of life, and you're going to be living it up at the beach, right?? So you need Goldfish. It's science. 


For those of you that are of legal drinking age champagne is a must have. It's light and refreshing and can be mixed with literally any juice you want (Raspberry Lemonade is my current favorite mixer). Here is my favorite champagne because it's sweeter than most others. If you're going to the beach with a mindset of day drinking (which who isn't?) then the always classy champagne and mimosa is definitely the way to go. 

There was not a single time that this cup did not hold champagne.&nbsp;

There was not a single time that this cup did not hold champagne. 


Bring them back people! I'm not saying you have to wear them in your normal day to day life. But when you're at the beach you're a different person. A person that should be wearing one, or multiple, anklets.

A good cover up

Yes, I know this photo is blurry but we still look fine as hell.&nbsp;

Yes, I know this photo is blurry but we still look fine as hell. 

Okay, so maybe this is the ONE item on my beach essentials list that could fall into the girly-things-all-girls-need-with-them-at-the-beach-to-be-a-typical-beach-girl category. But really, everyone needs it. When you're hiking over the dunes with your hands full of beach chairs and coolers, and your flip flops are flinging sand and you're trying to not get bit by the sand dune ants you're going to want a good cover up so you can at least look fierce while doing all that. 

A real life book

My beach book choice was  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine &nbsp;and it was so good!

My beach book choice was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and it was so good!

Now I'm not bashing on anyone who has a Kindle or prefers to read their books on a phone (looking at you Jason and Brenna) but the beach DEMANDS you to have a real life paper book in your hands. 

1. Because phones and Kindles have a battery and there's always the possibility of it dying.


2. They are electronic devices and they like neither the sand nor water. Both of which the beach has in plenty. 


What items do you think I forgot to put on this non-traditional beach essentials list? Let me know in the comments!


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