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Cheers To New Careers!

Cheers To New Careers!

Written by: Brenna


You read that right! I can finally announce to the world that I have accepted a first grade position at Rice Elementary and I am SO STINKING EXCITED. Getting a teaching position happened VERY quick. Seriously, it still doesn’t seem like real life even though I’ve seen my classroom and signed up for trainings. Am I scared to death? Absolutely, but I’ve never been so sure about something before in my life.

Let me give you a little back story in case you’re someone who is like, “wait a second, I thought she was doing interior design and loving it?”… Key word here is loved. I loved working on these big projects and creating spaces for small businesses to thrive with and for automotive shops to serve people in but that wasn’t keeping my heart fulfilled anymore. Okay honestly, since probably mid November I’ve been praying for God to give me a sign or two as to what direction I’m supposed to be taking my life in. So here’s where it gets wild.

I joined CISD’s project mentor that month, showed up for my sweet mentee and just listened. That’s what she needed from me and I grew to love her a little more each week. One week after Christmas break, she ran back in the classroom to give me a big hug and I cried like a baby in my car. Just hearing her out every week was what she needed and I was here for it. I took that as my first sign. Before Spring Break, her mom passed away and she moved to Colorado to live with her dad and stepmom. It just about broke my heart and that’s when God lit a fire under me to get busy getting my teaching certificate. Every week, that one child brought me so much joy and I kept wondering what it would feel like to have that feeling every single day. So I got to studying, passed my content test, wrapped up all my coursework and started applying. I applied for 12 different positions and Rice was the last one. Rice was the first and only placed I interviewed with because I just knew. Gut feelings are very real and I highly recommend going with your gut every single time.


This whole process has been so surreal. I never in a million years thought I would become a teacher, I’ve voiced it plenty of times and now I have to eat those words. I’m fine with it because I know now that God didn’t have that in the cards for me at the time. I definitely know I had more growing up to do…So I’ll be honest, sometimes I’ll sit on the fence about doing something for almost too long because I over analyze everything and get way too anxious. Oh but wait! Brenna, you are so sure about everything you want, I thought? Well yes, but that’s only because you know about my decision when I’ve finally pulled the trigger on which direction I’m going. However, for this career switch, I was sure from the beginning. I never once thought, “You are crazy, turn back now and just sit tight where you’re at!”. There were definitely times where I wondered what I had gotten my self into but honestly, I have felt so sure about this decision from the very beginning and I swear that’s a sign in it’s self. Is this what adulting is? Finally being sure of where you’re headed and not caring about what it takes to get there or who tries to stop you? I think maybe so!

So while it’s not time for me to be a mom just yet (sorry Jenni and Debbie from Drug Court) I am sure that this little bunch of eager learners will fill my heart and help me grow more than I can possibly imagine right now and that is enough for me. I’ve been telling my self since well before the wedding that I am in this moment for a very specific reason and it’s amazes me how God has pulled all of these little moments together for me. I am seriously so grateful for my friends and family who have cheered me on, helped me study and been patient with me these last six or so months. I mean it! Major props to my teacher buds, Lindsey and Julie, for really adding fuel to my little fire and pushing me when I was probably driving you nuts with five million questions. I’m gonna really be extra and say that if it wasn’t for Orangetheory bringing us together, I would still be wondering if getting my teaching certification would be a good idea.

I know I have my work cut out for me this next year and I know it’s going to be tough. Trust me, I’m nervous as heck but I am so excited. I have only seen my new classroom and can’t get in there to decorate until later this month or early August but I promise to do a classroom reveal because it’s seriously going to be so cute! I’ll tell you this now, my theme is Llamas because “First Grade is No Prob-Llama!”.


So there you have it! I swear I’m only a little crazy to have gotten married, decided with your husband that it’s time we BOTH change careers and figure out how to live together all at once. While continuing to work, workout, decorate an apartment and volunteer. I mean I live for the little life tornados man!

If there’s anything I can ask from anyone reading this post right now, it’s that you please pray for my sweet little firsties. They are coming from all different backgrounds, some with more baggage than others and I just want them to feel so loved and accepted at all times.

Well there you have it! My big announcement!

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