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First Styled Shoot!

First Styled Shoot!

Written by Callie

As promised, a post about the styled shoot we participated in a few weeks ago! Most styled shoots are created to mock up a wedding for vendors to be able to get more photos of their inventory and talents. This shoot however, was for senior representatives. Photographers usually have a small group of high school seniors that participate in multiple different senior sessions in order to show off the photographer’s work and gives them more photos to use for marketing! It’s usually a super fun thing for the seniors to be a part of and generally includes hair and makeup done for them, and of course lots of amazing photos for them to use on their own social medias!

This whole thing started out when Natalia posted on her Instagram story asking if there was a decor company that would want to let her use their things for a shoot. Of course I immediately sent her a message and told her to pop over to our Facebook to check out some of the items we had available. She quickly answered and said our things would be perfect for the vision she had in mind!

From there, Natalia created a Pinterest board with all of her inspiration for hair, make up, and decor and styling. We were going for a boho feel in a field. I helped her pick out the perfect field just outside of College Station and the whole thing was running smoothly.

Until the week of the shoot, when it would not stop raining in all of East Texas! Even if it stopped raining long enough to shoot, the field we had chosen would be too muddy to do anything in. So the day of the shoot Natalia called around to venues and found an indoor space that ended up being really great!

The following are some of the amazing photos that came out of this wonderful afternoon!

After the shoot Kenzie confessed to me that she had not been so sure about this whole thing. She had worried that it was going to be a disaster or that our set up was not going to be cute/work for the theme we were going for. But she said it had all turned out great! Everyone seemed to love our set up and it was a really great time all around. I absolutely loved the whole process of this experience and can’t wait to do it again! Originally it was just supposed to be Kenzie and I that went to set up, but because life happens both Brenna and Jason got to go with us too and I’m so glad they did! It made it much easier to set up and load all our decor and then it also just made it more fun too, because it was all of my favorite people helping turn something that was just a design in my head into a beautiful set!

So to any and all photographers that have mini sessions coming up for the fall/winter season make sure to check us out and send us a message!

All the Wonderful Vendors that Participated

Photo | Natalia Jones Photography

Video | Uziel Luis

Venue | Superb Studio

Rentals & Styling | Local Pines Collaborative

Makeup | Elena Rivera & Touch of Artistry Makeup

Hair Stylist | MQ Designs

Models | Michelle, Jaidy, Casey, Alex

Calligraphy | Brenna Kaye Designs

Cake | Crumb Brûlée

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