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Bachelorette Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX

Bachelorette Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX

Written by Callie

A few weeks ago Kenzie and I packed up our things and headed west to Fredericksburg, Texas for a bachelorette party for one of our long time friends, Natalie! We had a blast and we know that a lot of people the live in Texas go to the Texas Hill Country and Fredericksburg for their bachelorette parties. So I just wanted to recap our trip and give you some of the ideas and research that Kenzie and I did to plan Nat’s party that will maybe help you plan your own!

The House

So as you probably know, AirBnB is like the best website to find where you should stay anywhere in the world. You can choose to share a room in a house or select an option so that you will have the whole house to yourself, which I always click. AirBnB has some amazing houses at even better prices which is why we always head there first when planning ALL our trips!

For this bachelorette weekend we wanted a house that was cute and close to the main street where all the shops are located. There were lots to sort through but we finally ended up choosing this house. It was absolutely adorable and the hosts were very accommodating. We had 7 people in our party and were all very comfortable.

The Shops

Fredericksburg has a population of over 11,000 people, but still gives off those old small town vibes. Main Street is packed with adorable shops that boast a huge variety of goods. From dog toys and treats to high end jewelry. No matter who is in your party or their likes and interests everyone will be able to find something they need on Main Street!

I’ll list out a few of the more noteworthy shops that we visited:

Der Kutchen Laden



Headquarters Hats

Popcorn Emporium

The Food

So food is always something that every bachelorette party planner has to think long and hard about. We ended up doing a mix of home cooking and eating out. If you chose to make a few meals at home while on your trip I highly suggest ordering your groceries through the Walmart Pick Up! It’s super easy and you can order everything days before the actual party and just schedule the pick up at the nearest Walmart to your rental house on the day the you arrive. Super handy.

Fredericksburg has tons of great dining out experiences and I’m sad we were only able to visit a few of them, we just didn’t have enough time!

We had our “black out dinner” (where the bride to be wears white and everyone else in the party wears black) at Fredericksburg Herb Farm which was amazing! I only wish we would have arrived a bit earlier (before dark) so we could have walked around the garden areas because even in the dark it looked super cute! They also had cabins that you can rent out that may be worth checking into!

We had brunch at Vaudeville which was also exceptionally good! I do want to mention though that they do not start to serve their full brunch menu until 11 am. So we went at 10 am and chose from their limited menu of quiche of the day (a crab quiche that was great!), pastries, and charcuterie boards.

I did a lot of research on restaurants but couldn’t get to all of them so here are a few more that looked good in my internet searches but that I have no experience of:

Social Haus

Sunset Grill

The Peach Tree

Hondo’s on Main (very touristy)

The Wine

Most people know Fredericksburg as the wine capital of Texas and it’s true! There are lots of wineries! Our wine tour bus guide told us that Fredericksburg is the third most touristy place for wine-os after France and Napa Valley. Which kind of seems untrue, but I’m also not going to fact check him, so I’m rolling with it.

We did a hop on, hop off wine bus tour through 290 Wine Shuttle and it was a great choice! Highly recommend! It’s super affordable and so easy to just pick and chose the wineries you want to visit. The buses run all the time, we hardly ever had to wait.

Some wineries to check out:

Becker Vineyards

Fiesta Winery

Wildseed Farms

Fat Ass Winery

And there you have it! A bachelorette weekend in Fredericksburg! I hope this will help you plan your own getaway (bachelorette party or not) to Fredericksburg because it’s a great place for a weekend away!

I would also like to give a quick shout out to for bringing my this amazing box of bachelorette party decorations! It came with so many quality decor items I was just blown away! Decorating for these parties can be time consuming and expensive when you have to go to multiple stores to get what you want but this box had everything I needed! Seriously, so impressed!

And last but not least just a little bit of self promotion. We have an Etsy shop and we make some cool things and are starting to add personalization items to it! If you have something specific that you want email us or message us on Etsy and we’ll be in touch!

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