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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

Written by Kenzie, Brenna, and Callie

It’s nearly Christmas and the three of us wanted to share some of the traditions that our families participate in during this holiday season! We know not every family is the same and we want to know what traditions you and your family keep alive each year! So leave us a comment!


Since I am, in fact, Callie’s sister, we share all the holiday traditions and she talks about one of my favorites as well.

However, there are quite a few things we do every year: holiday baking, cooking a big meal, opening one present on Christmas Eve. When we were younger, our grandma put together an advent calendar where Callie, our cousin, and I got to open a small present every day in December leading up to Christmas. That was always fun because what kid doesn’t love presents?

These traditions have changed and evolved over the years which I absolutely love. I think flexibility is important in life and I love that our family stuck together through all these changes.

However, one tradition that happens (almost) every year is looking at Christmas lights. One night around Christmas (typically Christmas Eve), we pile into the van, hot chocolates in hand, and meander around neighborhoods, admiring the displays people set up in the yards. Some Christmas music plays quietly (or loudly if it’s one I like), and we just wander around.  

I enjoy this tradition because it’s so simple and so lazy. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and gives everyone a bit of a chance to just relax from all the holiday stress which I think is important.  

It’s cheesy, but no matter the tradition, I’m happy during the holidays with family and friends.


Our biggest tradition is to spend Christmas morning together opening gifts as a family and then heading over to Tricia’s house for a HUGE Italian lunch followed by games. Tricia is my mom’s best friend who literally does the absolute most at everything. Her husband is a Christmas light fanatic so their house looks like a million bucks every year, even if they only get to win the “Best Lights” award every other year. They are 100% our Framily (friends that are family) and we have been doing this ever since I can remember. Like at least 10 years. Good Lord, I’m getting old.

Another tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. When we were little we would go to the candlelight service and then head to PawPaw and Shell’s house for dinner and presents AFTER he read us the story of Jesus’ birth. Now that we are older and have the story memorized, he gives the shortened story and we still celebrate Jesus with a sweet treat. Which is usually cake balls because my uncle is obsessed.

The last ten years now have been a little crazy because my parents are divorced, for those of you who didn’t know, so we actually get to have four Christmases. Which sounds amazing and it is, getting to see everyone but we always feel rushed to get to the next house. However, now that my parents are more civil, they’ve become really good at being flexible and making sure the kids are getting to spend more than just a few hours at each house. No matter what though, we always get to open up one gift on Christmas Eve and it’s always pajamas. I think that’s probably my favorite part, mainly because I am an old lady who loves being comfortable.

So there you have it! You can still make time for traditions even with a dysfunctional family. I love it!


Our family does lots of things during the holidays but for this post I want to focus on just one: decorating sugar cookies!

We’ve done this every year for a very long time (well maybe not EVERY year, I’m sure there were years where other more important things were happening so cookies were put on the back burner). There’s photos somewhere of Kenzie and I at the kitchen table, our faces smeared with green and red icing and the table top just as messy.

As I’m writing this I may just love this tradition so much because it happens at our kitchen table. It’s a formica top table that’s flawless except for one burn mark that it wears proudly and includes the original chairs that have been patched up with tape. It’s been in our kitchen for as long as I can remember and it’s always been the gathering place. It’s seen many a craft project, game night, and family dinner. While it only has four official chairs we’ve been known to fit at least 12 people around that small table before needing to add on extra card tables. A lot of good memories include us at that table.

But anyway back to cookies! We have this sugar cookie recipe that is to die for (the secret is adding some lemon extract) and we’ve just recently in the last few years found an equally delicious icing (hint: it involves more lemon). The cookies never turn out quite right and the designs I create in my head are almost never brought to fruition on the actual cookie, but they are still always delicious and such a fun and easy snack to munch on during the holiday season!

In addition to the general cookie goodness, I also love this tradition because it’s a time for us all to get together and just talk. And as Kenzie and I are growing older and getting our own lives I’m really appreciative of the time we all have together to just chit chat and catch up on all the happenings. Brenna has been known to swing by as well for cookie decorating and sometimes even our dad will come in and join us to decorate a few! So it’s always just been a good tradition for conversation and delicious creativity.

As I get ready to head back home for a few days around Christmas I’m excited to try out a water coloring technique on the cookies this year! Or maybe I’ll just dunk them in plain icing and call it a day. Either way, you know I’ll be eating way too many!

So because the holiday that the R&R Girls celebrate (Christmas) lands on Tuesday of next week we will not be posting a blog next week! I know, you’ll all be super sad not to hear from us…

We’ll be spending our day with lots of family time and soaking in every moment! We’ll be back on New Years Day with a new and exciting As The World Rambles On life update to ring in 2019!!

See y’all soon!

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