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Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving Favorites

Written by Callie, Kenzie & Brenna

Thanksgiving is just a few days away now so we thought we would each share our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you all!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love that there’s no pressure of getting someone the perfect gift and that it is centered around bringing your family and friends together to eat a massive dinner! Now, our family isn’t too large so we’ve always had a good-sized party with just the right amount of food. I did however very recently marry into a large family and this will be my first Thanksgiving with them and I’m excited to see how a group of 30+ people enjoy Thanksgiving.

This year I will be contributing to the husband’s families Thanksgiving by making a dewberry cobbler! If you’re from the south you know what a dewberry is (click here to see a real life dewberry from our pickings this past summer) and if you don’t know it’s basically a blackberry that grows wild, they’re great. And dewberry cobblers are the absolute best!

This cobbler recipe can be made with any fruit you’d like though! But if you do plan to make a dewberry cobbler in the winter it does require you to plan ahead just a bit and freeze the dewberries from your summer pickings. My mom has always used this recipe for cobblers all my life and the first time I made it for Jason’s family they all loved it! This is a super easy but super delicious recipe! Don’t forget to grab a gallon of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream to scoop on top for the perfect Thanksgiving desert!


I feel as though cranberry sauce is a rather divisive subject (much like the pineapple on pizza debate). Some people prefer the canned stuff, some people prefer homemade, and some people don’t want anything to do with it. I used to be one of those people that didn’t want anything to do with it. However, my grandma always made homemade and it was always there on the table, I just avoided it.

I’ve gotten in the habit of trying foods I thought I disliked every couple of years because your taste buds change. So, a handful of years ago, I tried Ginny’s cranberry sauce and it is DELISH. We make it every year and I always try to save room for it on my plate. If I don’t manage to, I come back after the meal or even the following days. Now, I will warn you, it seems like it would be maybe a little strange. I mean, it is a gelatin dessert with cranberries, celery, and pecans, but it has this topping that is Heavenly and it all just somehow works. Seriously, try it out!


Like Callie, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Seriously though, who doesn’t like a day full of judgement free eating?! Since I was in elementary school, we’ve done Thanksgiving at my mom’s best friends house which is always fun because Tricia always has some fun activity up her sleeve. Plus it’s literally one of two days throughout the year that Mom makes her famous banana pudding. Which isn’t really famous other than the fact that Paula Dean created it… Mom just looks better and she’s my mom… So naturally it’s better.

However, since I’ve been dating JT for almost a tenth of a century, we have our first Thanksgiving plate at his parents house and then go to Tricia’s for seconds. Unless we fall asleep on the couch… Like we have the last two years. Cajun Thanksgivings are VERY filling. My one job is to produce delicious mashed potatoes every year and I think I’ve done a decent job doing so. (cough cough he put a ring on it)

If you didn’t already know this, I could literally eat mashed potatoes with every single meal. However, I would look like a heifer because I don’t skimp on helpings so I refrain. I ESPECIALLY love the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which is odd because I do not like cream cheese at all. I swear to you though, something magic happens when you add it to taters. If you don’t believe me, make this recipe and you’ll never look back. Shoot, even my dad, who is an INCREDIBLE cook adds it to his potatoes now. Sometimes I get a wild hair and use Tony’s Creole Seasoning instead of season salt so feel free to use whatever seasoning makes you the happiest.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Link your favorite recipe in the comments below!

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