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A Proper Thank You

A Proper Thank You

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Written by: Brenna

Callie, Kenzie and I are big on all things paper. We love stationary, greeting cards, wrapping paper and gift tags. I think we all have baskets stowed away in our homes full of pretty paper. We have our mothers to thank for that because they have always pressed the importance of sending thank you notes for any and everything. By now, we are probably professional thank you note writers. Is that a real thing? If not, it should be.

So today, I thought I would share a few helpful tips on writing a solid thank you note. I probably take this way too seriously but if someone took the time to go out and find a gift for you then you should take the time to write a proper thank you note. That’s just me though.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Don’t put off writing your thank you note. Unless you’re extremely busy, you should mail or deliver your note within a month after receiving your gift. That is my personal rule and I consider it to be tasteful. I know life gets hectic sometimes but that’s the same for everyone.

  2. Put some effort into it! Thank you notes don’t have to be some long elaborate thing but they also shouldn’t be less than three sentences long. Let your friend, family, or coworker know how you intend to use the gift or what you did with it. You don’t want to leave them wondering if you shoved their gift in the back of some closet only to be pulled out when they come around. However, if that’s the case, I hope you’re good at white lies.

  3. Sometimes fancy thank you cards are a must. I am a huge fan of wandering down the stationary aisle at Homegoods. Believe it or not, there’s some seriously cute stuff and sometimes they have Kate Spade stationary which is my favorite! I do like to keep a small stash of personalized stationary for when I’m really feeling extra. Which is always. I’ll include some cute stationary below in case you need to restock.

  4. Remember how receiving a thank you note made you feel. If your love language is giving gifts like mine is, then you know how much thought and effort goes into buying a gift. If you’re on the fence about writing a thank you note, go the extra mile to let someone know how appreciative you are. It will probably impact their day more than you’d think.

I like to structure my thank you notes like this:

  1. Opener- Dear

  2. Gratitude- Thank you so much for, Just a small note to say thank you, We are so grateful for,

  3. Make it Personal- You always know how to lift someone up, Your support means the world to me, It was so great catching up with you, Your gift giving taste is impeccable!

  4. Closer- Cheers, Sincerely, XOXO, Warmly, All my love

And there you have it! A quick little way to brighten someones day by showing your appreciation. I’m sitting here all giddy wrapping this post up because I seriously love sending little notes to friends and family. Even if it’s not a thank you card! Stationary makes me so happy. I know I’ve already said that, but I’m saying it again! We’ll be back next week with a life update and later on in the week we are dropping a seriously good Valentine’s Day gift guide!

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